• Cool Hand Dom

Will The Supreme Court Set Us Free, Or Will They Condemn Us To A Wretched Life Of Slavery?

Updated: Jan 4

If you don't own your body, you're a slave.

The Supreme Court of the United States will take up the federal vaccine mandate cases on January 7th. The decisions they make will either set us free, or condemn us to a life of medical slavery forevermore.

In preparation for this, it's incumbent upon us to decide what our line in the sand is.

I know for myself, any Supreme Court decision in favor of Brandon will be invalid. I will refuse to recognize it as a legal ruling, and will spend the remainder of my life fighting it in one form or another.

However, before we can truly establish a line in the sand, we must first understand what a ruling in favor of Brandon would actually mean.

Indefinite medical tyranny

If the Court decides the federal mandates are constitutionally legitimate, the government will then have the authority to mandate experimental drugs as a qualifier for employment for the rest of time, or at least until the ruling is overturned. The Nuremberg Code will be out the window, and with every pandemic moving forward, Big Pharma, in concert with our government, will be legally authorized to experiment on the public without our consent.

Of course, the enemies of freedom and liberty will ludicrously claim "no one is being forced to take a vaccine," the sentiment of which is laughable on its face. When the federal government uses your livelihood as collateral to bully you into injecting yourself with an experimental drug, they're using force, full stop.

Any old COVID vaccine will do

Nowhere in any of these mandates does it specify which COVID-19 vaccine we’re being mandated to take. Never mind that only one vaccine has been given full FDA approval, and the specifics surrounding this "approval" are dubious at best, and fraudulent at worst.

On top of this, the vaccines don't work. FACT. See here, here, and here.

They're also killing and maiming people, but don't expect this to be a factor in the Supreme Court decision making process. If they focus on the vaccines themselves, it'll be from an efficacy perspective, bet on that.

Back to the point.

We aren't being mandated to take an approved vaccine. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Brandon, they will be enshrining into law the ability of the government to mandate experimental drugs on We the People. Hitler would be proud.

Our line in the sand

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Brandon, this is the hill we die on. If we fail to defend this hill, no hill worth defending will be left intact. It's imperative we understand how pivotal this moment in our history is, and steel ourselves for the fallout of a possible ruling against freedom and liberty.

Is it likely to happen? Your guess is as good as mine. Expect the worst and hope for the best is how I roll. With that said, I'm clinging to the notion that regardless of how compromised the court may be, they understand the gravity of the situation.

As an example, I'm not the only deplorable in this country with a line in the sand. Millions of unvaccinated Americans are reaching the limits of what they're willing to tolerate, and, on top of this, the realization that you'll never be "fully vaxxed" is dawning on millions of vaccinated Americans, many of whom aren't interested in a booster or three.

Will the Brandon mandate apply to endless boosters as well? For that matter, will the Supreme Court be willing to mandate endless boosters as a qualifier for employment? Give me a break.

It's difficult to imagine the Supreme Court doing anything but ruling against Brandon at this juncture. Not since Jim Crow has there been a more egregious violation of civil liberties, and a we're hurtling towards a full-blown apartheid state at lightning speed.

The Supreme Court must understand this to some degree, and we can only hope they've maintained enough integrity to resist whatever they're being offered behind closed doors.

The fight continues

Regardless of what takes place on the 7th, rest assured this fight is far from over. Mandates at the state and local level will still be prevalent, and cities like New York will continue on a path of self-destruction.

Like New York; Washington State, Oregon, Louisiana, California, and Virginia are all in the process of rolling out digital health-passports.

The Swedish inventors of a vaccine passport microchip have just announced that "nothing can stop the rollout of the technology."

Eric Adams, the new mayor of NYC, has made it clear he intends on not only keeping the private sector mandates in place indefinitely, but modifying them to include boosters as well.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Now is the time for vigilance. Now is the time for establishing your line in the sand, and preparing yourself for bitter disappointment should the Supreme Court once again abdicate its duties. While there's reason for hope, we've learned the hard way that having hope, while spiritually fulfilling, isn't always a good substitute for being prepared.

We'll know more in t-minus three days. Hold the line.