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WHO Withdraws IHR Amendments Following Global Backlash


We live in clown world. The WHO appears to be saving us from (some of) Brandon's amendments to the IHR, which would have given the WHO more power and Brandon less. Imagine living in a country where your "leader" has to be rebuked by the entity he's trying to give all the authority to... oh wait, we do live there... upside down, clown-world-sh*t-show.

Remember. Brandon proposed these amendments to circumvent federalism. He would rather a foreign entity have control than deal with Ron DeSantis. Because DeSantis is actually Hitler and only PRETENDING to be Ron DeSantis, of course.

James Roguski reports the following on his Substack feed:

12 of the 13 amendments appear to have been removed from consideration, but the knockout punch still needs to be delivered. DO NOT SLACK OFF NOW !!!!



The massive response from people all over the world in opposition to the amendments to the International Health Regulations, along with legal actions in the UK (and a whole lot of prayer) seems to have resulted in 12 of the 13 amendments to the International Health Regulations being REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION.

I wonder why?

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