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Whistleblower: 30% Of Vaccines Are Placebo, Being Used For Elites

From Christians For Truth Via The Daily Telegraph

A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia after a whistleblower head nurse alerted the public that politicians and other high-ranking citizens are receiving saline placebos instead of the COVID mRNA experimental vaccines:

In a video on Facebook, which has been deleted by YouTube, the woman claiming to be the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving and managing the jab bottles for politicians, resigned and gave a press conference on the scandal.

During the news conference, she showed codes on the bottles [vials] where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits, and then explained the meaning of those numbers.

Note: Daily Telegraph understands from our sources in Slovenia the original video has now been removed from Facebook, [but it is now available, with English subtitles, on odysee.com]

Number 1 is the placebo, saline. Number 2 is a the mRNA. The number 3 is an mRNA sticker that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. She said those receiving the number 3 bottle will develop soft tissue cancer within two years of receiving the jab.

She says she personally witnessed the jab of all the politicians and tycoons and everyone who received the number 1 bottle, claiming they received the saline solution, a placebo. This explains why the same person administers the jab to politicians when they take pictures for the media.

[What follows is an English transcription of the nurse’s comments from the news conference which can be seen here]:

This vaccine that they are using now — 30% of the people who are getting it are receiving a placebo. And so you don’t know if you got the placebo. Don’t be so sure that you got Johnson & Johnson’s — don’t be so sure that you got AstraZeneca, even if you ask to see the vial. They can just bring you the vial you asked for, but it is not necessarily the one you were vaccinated with.

This is not necessarily happening everywhere, but this is some information that I am getting from colleagues from Slovenia where this is happening.

That’s why they started to say now, “If you are vaccinated with one brand, you can also be vaccinated with another one, and so on,” but you will never know for sure what you’ve got. But there is a difference. I don’t know if anyone is vaccinated here — basically those who get the card and get the sticker.

There are numbers on the boxes — 1,2,3. Those who get the placebo — remember this — the number on it is only the number 1. Not 2, and not 3. Just so you know. But it is like…. [Question from audience]. Do they know who they are giving the placebo to?

They know! But you don’t know. They were counting on everyone getting vaccinated.

We have previously reported that data released by the Centers For Disease Control in the VAERS reports clearly prove that certain batches of the COVID vaccines are 100% correlated to reported deaths.

This data confirms what this nurse is alleging — that the vaccine recipients who do not die are probably receiving a placebo of some sort — or, as this nurse is suggesting, they are receiving a vaccine with onco-genes that will cause cancer within three years.

We also were the first to report on the extremely low side effect rate in Israel in February 2021 which suggested to us that Israelis were most likely receiving placebos.

A month after we reported on this issue, a private group of Israeli citizens sued Israel through the ICC, claiming that they were covering up the true extend of the vaccine deaths and illnesses — which could very well have been part of a disinformation campaign to cover for the placebo program.

Either way, it should be clear by now that if you received a COVID Vaccine and are still alive, chances are you received a placebo.

And convinced of its “safety” because you didn’t experience serious side effects with the first round, you will more than likely be willing to take the booster shots, which won’t necessarily be a placebo.