• Cool Hand Dom

What I'm Grateful For On This Very Special Thanksgiving

By Dom Sweeney

Saint George and the Dragon

Although I'm not the biggest turkey fan in the world, Thanksgiving is second only to Christmas on my list of favorite holidays. The feast itself plays a big role here. My mother, who managed to make split pea soup taste like heaven growing up, cooks what I consider to be the best Thanksgiving dinner available anywhere.

Her recipe book is a piece of history: written beautifully, inspired by centuries of European cooking, and adjusted to fit the economic reality of a working-class family. Hearty, wholesome, delicate and rugged at the same time, and always organic.

But as much as I love the food, it's the company I really enjoy. My eclectic family, political differences though there are, is what I'm most grateful for on this Thanksgiving 2021.

And that goes without saying. My family takes the top spot on my "most grateful for" list every year, and generally speaking, this is followed up with all the good things that have taken place in my life since Thanksgiving the year prior.

Today, however, we all have something else to be thankful for. Something huge. Something so important that it should be at the forefront of your thoughts as you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving meal.

We have been given an opportunity to experience one of mankind's most pivotal moments. We have been blessed with the directive to carry the mighty torch of freedom.

It's up to us to secure liberty for the future. It's up to us to vanquish the greatest enemy this world has ever seen. It's up to us to be warriors, dragon slayers, knights, soldiers, and superheroes.

We have been given a role in history, my friends. An honor bestowed on very few, and we must be thankful for it this Thanksgiving.

Do not be crestfallen. Do not let our predicament get you down. Instead, be invigorated! Be thankful that God found you suitable for this special moment in time.

Be joyful. We are so fortunate to be alive right now.

Hold the line, never give an inch to tyrants, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

- Dom