• Cool Hand Dom

Wayne Allen Root: How We Stop The Vaccine Mandates, Must Read

From Gateway Pundit

I’ve publicly pledged that we will rain hell down on any restaurant, or retail store that tries to block unvaccinated customers from entering. Just like liberals and civil rights activists, we will practice Civil Disobedience.

I will ask 10,000+ conservatives to join me in front of the first restaurant, or retail store in Vegas that tries to implement “vaccinated only.” We will lock arms and block the entrance, so no one gets in, or out- just like MLK. We will sit at your counters, sit at your tables, and refuse to leave. Just like MLK.

We will block each business day after day, until they either relent, or close their doors. You will have to drag us away to prison. But each time you do, more patriots will replace us. As business dries up, and each retail store or restaurant goes out of business, the lesson will be learned…