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Watch: Shocked Pharmacist Discovers Vaccine Inserts Are Blank While Assisting Customer

From Ethan Huff via Newstarget,

Photo: the pharmacist and customer in question

A video that has gone viral (watch below) shows that Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” comes with a blank package insert.

At first, the pharmacist notices the blank outside pages and proceeds to explain to the customer that the writing is on the inside. As he unfolds it for her, however, the pharmacist finds nothing but a huge sheet of blank paper.

A pharmacist at a CVS pharmacy is seen handing a customer the vaccine insert sheet, which he initially claims contains complete testing and safety data. Upon inspection, though, it is revealed that the paperwork is as white as snow with no words on it.

Embarrassed by being wrong, the pharmacist then leaps towards a computer to try to look up the information online – but by this point it is already too late.

After being confronted by the customer about the lack of informed consent, the pharmacist then realizes that he’s been lying to customers all this time, and proceeds to actually own up to the fraud.

“So, if we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that’s informed consent,” the customer points out.

“You’re exactly right and you are correct,” the pharmacist then responds. “I should not be giving these vaccines at all.”

“Why are you giving them?” the customer then responds back.

“Because I am … because I am told to and that’s how … because I am told to and … I am told …,” the pharmacist bumbles in response. “And everything I have shown including the patients that I have given it to, it is safe.”

At the conclusion of the footage, the pharmacist is seen apologizing to the customer, admitting that he has no scientific studies upon which to base his “safe and effective” claim about the injections.

He then proceeds to state that he feels “totally inadequate as a pharmacist” because of the discovery.

Source: Newstarget