• Cool Hand Dom

Watch: Legendary Geopolitical Analyst Says Globalists Will Fail. Game Over In 2022

From ZeroHedge via Greg Hunter

Back in July, legendary geopolitical and financial cycle analyst Martin Armstrong boldly said, “The system has come to an end.”

Armstrong says his predictive Socrates computer program does not see the Marxist globalists succeeding. Armstrong says,

They think they can take over the world and create this fictional wonderland of Marxism. It’s not going to work. Our computer is showing that they have failed. In 2022, this whole thing is going to start blowing up. Bill Gates . . . actually said that the vaccines don’t work. He said we are going to have to create a new sort of R&D. There is too much evidence now that the vaccines do not prevent you from getting Covid or spreading it. Data coming out of Israel shows the majority of people vaccinated are the majority of the people that are dying. Gates is being confronted with this behind the curtain.”