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WARNING: Widely Used 'At Home' COVID Test Contains Lethal Drug That Can Be Fatal In SMALL Doses

From Brian Shilhavey via Health Impact News,

Greg Reese of Infowars.com recently published a report that reveals a lethal drug that is included in Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test Kit has a history of killing people even in small doses.

The instructions for the test kit warn that this is a “hazardous” ingredient that is not to be touched, but that warning does not state that it could cause death or organ failures.

Greg produced this report as a warning for those who travel and may be rushed to take this test, which is authorized to be used with children as young as 2-years-old.

But since he published this report a few days ago, the Biden Administration has since stated that they are invoking the Defense Protection Act to spend $3 BILLION to purchase and make available a half billion of these COVID home testing kits for all Americans.

Why would they include such a dangerous drug in these home test kits?

One obvious reason is that these test kits are NOT approved by the FDA, but only given emergency use authorization (EUA), so the manufacturer is not responsible for any “accidents” that might happen causing organ failure or death.

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Editor's Note: Please share this article with anyone you know who's made a habit of conducting 'at home' COVID tests on themselves. The 500 million tests being sent out by the White House will assuredly increase the risk of someone being harmed, or God forbid, dying as a result of this insanity.