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Veteran Activist: Resistance To Covid Mandates The Defining Liberty Issue Of Our Time

From Big League Politics

Photo: NBC News On the 24th episode of Big League Politics Live dubbed the Liberty Conservatives reunion, host Shane Trejo and guest Rocco Lucente described resisting COVID-19 edicts as the defining liberty issue of our time.

Trejo and Lucente reject the notion, suggested by libertarian think-tanks like the CATO Institute, that mandatory vaccinations are moral and acceptable in society if they are pushed through the private sector. They believe all-out resistance is necessary to defeat the COVID regime.

“There’s just been so many scams, so many lies, so much disinformation, and it is obvious that they’re just flooding us with as much evil propaganda as possible to get us to break and submit and to be isolated. This is as evil of a social conditioning scheme as anyone could imagine. To me, it’s the literal fulfillment of all the darkest new world order prophecies come to life,” Trejo said, adding that COVID-19 resistance may be the “final stand” for liberty in Western countries.

“The number one impact of you getting vaccinated will be to enable them to implement an Apartheid society where the obedient get more privileges and the disobedient are second-class citizens,” Lucente said, arguing that Americans should resist the vaccine regardless of its efficacy. READ MORE