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Three Quarters Of Vermont “Covid” Deaths Among Fully Vaxxed

From News Target

The latest data out of Vermont shows that a whopping 76 percent of all new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths are occurring in the “fully vaccinated.”

So-called “breakthrough” cases, which we were told are “rare,” actually account for the vast majority of Chinese Virus deaths in the highly “progressive” state, which is one of the most vaccinated in the nation.

Of the 33 Vermonters who died after testing “positive” for the Fauci Flu in the month of September, only eight of them were unvaccinated. The other 25 all took the jabs in obedience to the government, which told them they would be “safe” if they did.

According to Health Department spokesman Ben Truman, all of these fully vaccinated fatalities occurred because the jab recipients took their injections early, meaning any “immunity” they may have received is long gone.