• Cool Hand Dom

The US Military vs. the Russian Military, and Why It’s a Bad Idea

Written by Dom Sweeney via the Cool Hand News Podcast,

On today’s episode we examine the challenges our military would face were it to go toe to toe with Russia. Amongst other things, our military has spent the past two decades wasting tax dollars on DIE endeavors (diversity, inclusion, equity), as well as training to fight Muslim insurgents in Godforsaken deserts in the Middle East. The Russians, on the other hand, have spent their money—and time—on training to fight our military in Ukraine.

Additionally, morale in the US Military can only be low. Forced masking, forced vaccinations, and social media access in the hands of every 18 year old Marine/soldier/sailor. In short, they know what we know.

Finally, we’ve been told that World War 2 was a conflict between good guys and bad guys, and there’s no confusion as to what side the USA was on. The only problem with this is that it’s not true. There were no good guys involved in this conflict.

With this in mind, how will history paint the Russia/Ukraine conflict of today? Because, I assure you, there are no good guys involved in this one either.

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