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Russia: HUMAN SAMPLES From Ukraine Biolab Were Evacuated to UK and EU Countries

We‘ve all been told that COVID-19 came from China. That the evil Chinese unleashed a bioweapon on the world. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t…

From Great Game India,

The Russian Defense Ministry has made a sensational claim that human samples from a secret project at Ukraine biolabwere evacuated to UK and EU countries. The documents which will be made public shortly sescribe a secret project to study the ways humans can be infected from bats.

On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it would soon reveal further documentation about the activities of Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine. They may have been engaged in bioweapons development, according to Moscow.

In a daily briefing, ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov claimed that Russian military experts in weapons of mass destruction are studying documents acquired from Ukrainian lab staff members. He said they described “implementation by the US in Ukraine of a secret project to study the ways humans can be infected from bats,” which he alleged took place in Kharkov.

According to the official, the Ukrainian city’s Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine has spent years researching the circumstances within which wild birds harboring influenza could trigger an outbreak in humans and assessing the devastation that would occur.

Konashenkov did not clarify why such research must be classified as military, as the defense ministry has determined.

More Ukrainian records on the transfer of human samples from Ukraine to the UK and other European countries will be provided soon, according to the spokesman. According to him, the files will be supplemented by Russian military evaluations of the activities they outline.

However, fact sheets on sensitive biolabs documents deleted by US Embassy and published by GreatGameIndia, connect to many documents outlining what seem to be US government funding in certain Ukrainian laboratories.

According to Igor Kirillov, the Russian armed forces’ chief of radiation, chemical, and biological defense, the Russian armed forces detected 30 biological compounds in Ukraine on March 7, which were potentially used in the manufacturing of bio weapons.

Underneath the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Pentagon funds dozens of laboratories around the world. The task they undertake is innocuous, according to the US government, and is intended to study the rise of new harmful illnesses. Russia and China, in particular, feel they are more malevolent in nature.

The documents also expose that it was former US President Barack Obama himself who authorized the construction of biolabs in Ukraine for creating dangerous pathogens.

While the US initially dismissed reports of its biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine as “fake,” Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland acknowledged the presence of US-funded “biological research facilities” in the nation on Tuesday.

Furthermore, it was the World Health Organization (WHO) advised Ukraine to destroy ‘high-threat pathogens‘ in the country’s public health laboratories in order to prevent “any potential spills” that might infect the population during the Russian invasion.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Thursday that one of the objectives of the US funded biological research laboratories in Ukraine was the development of bioweapons having the capability of targeting specific ethnic groups.

The US invested upwards of $200 million on labs in Ukraine conducting dangerous biological activities. On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that these US-funded biological facilities in Ukraine were performing research with bat coronavirus samples.

For years, Moscow has expressed worry about the actions of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine as well as other post-Soviet republics such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Georgia.

But since all of these cautions fell upon deaf ears, Russia is calling for a mandatory international treaty to ban bioweapons.