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Report: Suspects In Wisconsin Mass Casualty Event Are Black Males. It Shouldn’t Matter, But It Does

From The National File

Editors Note:

A red SUV has plowed through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin (see more below).

Unfortunately, anytime a mass casualty event takes place, my first reaction is to establish who the perpetrator is. Why? Because I know it will dictate the media response.

The establishment media in this country is vile.

Until we rid ourselves of these terrorist organizations we will continue to suffer greatly.

May God rest the souls of the poor people who lost their lives in Wisconsin today. Absolutely horrific…

From The National File

Police have declared a mass casualty event after a car plowed through a crowd in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The red SUV could be seen speeding down the parade route, narrowly missing a toddler, before ramming into the crowd. The attack took place during the annual Waukesha Christmas parade.