• Cool Hand Dom

My First Take On The Nu Variant: We're Winning And They're Losing, But The War Is Far From Over

By Dom Sweeney

News is breaking this morning over a COVID-19 variant that's being referred to as "Nu". That's right, the Nu variant.

Apparently this "variant" has been around for five days, and I find it interesting that we're only just now hearing about it. The day after Thanksgiving, and just in time to set us up for a chaotic Christmas season. This has bullshit written all over it, pardon my language.

Is it a coordinated effort to usher in a new round of totalitarianism while we wait for an updated version of the "vaccine"? I'll let you answer that question. From my vantage point, it seems awfully convenient at a time when the regime is treading water and the narrative is crumbling.

If governments around the world see this variant as a window of opportunity, expect lockdowns and mask mandates. Also expect more vaccine propaganda. Regardless of whether or not the Nu variant is resistant to the current COVID-19 shots, it won’t stop the Davos psychopaths from continuing the push.

ZeroHedge has posted Nu updates multiple times in the past 30 minutes. This is concerning. I don't remember them doing so in regards to the Lambda variant, or the Mu variant (different than the Nu variant). Is it an overreaction? ZeroHedge is rarely wrong.

Obviously we need to approach this from a balanced perspective. We could also be overreacting at Cool Hand News. However, the writing on the wall seems pretty clear to me.

On a positive note, the writing on the wall also reads the following: we're winning and they're losing. Why would they need a new variant if the old one was working just fine?


The vaccine narrative is falling apart, and those that haven't taken the "jab" don't plan on doing so. It would require military intervention at this point.

The resistance is growing by the day. Massive protests are erupting across the world, and it's getting more and more difficult to ignore.

Athletes around the globe are collapsing and dying on the playing field in front of thousands of fans.

The OSHA vax mandate seems to be dead in the water.

Fear of COVID-19 is no longer a factor for at least 50% of the United States.

In order to convince the slaves that an endless booster regimen is required, endless fear will also be required.

Big Pharma is making $60,000 per minute on the current round of vaccines, and naturally they'd like to continue doing so.

My suggestion would be to ignore the fear mongering. Keep yourself informed, and go about your business. There's nothing that you can do personally about this situation, which essentially means you're off the hook! How great is that?

If things start going sideways (lockdowns, etc), we'll need to activate ourselves and form a wall around local businesses.

In the meantime, hold the line! We're winning and they're losing, but the war is far from over.