• Cool Hand Dom

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Pfizer's Criminal History In Under 3 Minutes

By Dom Sweeney

Fact: Pfizer is a convicted criminal.

Fact: Pfizer paid the biggest criminal fine in US history.

Scenario: a car manufacturer makes a new car. This new car isn't like old cars, and none of its parts have been used to build a car before.

Every car this manufacturer made in the past has had problems. Major problems. In fact, they only drive 50% of the time, and when they do they break down after six months.

On top of this, their cars have killed people on multiple occasions. Not only that, the manufacturer knew there was a chance people would die, yet they hid this from their customers. As a result, the federal government has sued the manufacturer multiple times, and over the span of a few decades they've paid out billions in settlement cash for their misdeeds.

The new car they've made has never been test driven, but they sell thousands of units to dealerships around the country anyway. The dealerships don't test drive the cars either, but both the dealership and the manufacturer swear up and down that the car is safe.

Even though its parts have never been used to build a car before...

Even though they've never test driven it...

Question: if Pfizer was a car manufacturer would you buy a car from them?

Fact: mentally ill people around the world consider themselves to be on "Team Pfizer", and consider those who aren't to be sub-human.