• Cool Hand Dom

MUST READ: Tony Fauci’s Sinister Past Is Much Worse Than You Think

From Humans Are Free

Anthony Fauci has become a household name amid the COVID-19 era. Some worship him as modern medicine’s high priest and take his ever-contradictory statements as the gospel.

Anthony Fauci’s reign of terror on the general public has spanned five decades.

For those less enthused, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without encountering the pandemic pimp. His image is plastered on magazines, books, and documentaries. Mainstream mediaportrays him as a selfless humanitarian dedicated to the betterment of societal wellness.

Yet for over half a century the diabolical doctor paved a career through deceit, fraud, coercion, and crime. Hiding behind the unsuspecting grandfatherly figure is a maniacal sadist who’s achieved levels of evil beyond comprehension.