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Must Read: Air Travel Mandates Will Come When The States Request Them

By Dom Sweeney

The Gateway Pundit reported last night that Brandon is considering vaccine mandates for air travel.

The Conservative Treehouse is reporting the same, and they highlight the fact that all Brandon is waiting for is word from Fauci (article below).

Meanwhile, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace has announced that she's "a Fauci groupie, a thrice vaccinated mask adherent, and she buys KN95 masks by the case load". A video of this insanity is included below, and I would recommend watching it if you have the stomach.

We tend to live in bubbles as human beings, regardless of our political persuasion. As a vehemently anti-mask, anti-mandate, anti-media, pro-freedom, pro-gun, pro-Thomas Jefferson kind of guy, I have a tendency to assume people know more than they do. But when you watch the above mentioned video, you realize just how informed you are comparatively speaking. Scary stuff, my friends... Scary stuff.

From Sundance via The Conservative Treehouse,

If you listen to most champagne socialists, they will tell you they believe airline travel has become too affordable and just about anyone is able to fly now. For a few decades this has been a source of consternation amid the Democrat cocktail party class, whenever the subject is approached.

It stands to reason the people behind Joe Biden will eventually concede the issue of mandatory vaccine passports for domestic air travel to the administrative state and their donors amid the Branch Covidians. They’re in the same group circles where Anthony Fauci is venerated and appreciated.

However, I doubt it will happen until after the U.S. universal passport system, the ¹vaccination ID, is put into place – because currently, the airline companies would stand to lose too much revenue.

WASHINGTON DC – President Biden said Tuesday he would impose a mandate that Americans be vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel domestically if his medical team recommends it.

When asked when he would make a decision on domestic travel vaccine requirements while out for a walk in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Biden told reporters, “when I get a recommendation from the medical team.”

The idea of mandating coronavirus vaccines for domestic travel has been bouncing around the administration for months, and the emergence of the omicron variant caused the White House to revisit questions over whether to impose it. (read more)

¹New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago currently have the vaccination id requirement announced for their metropolitan areas. The enforcement systems begin in the next few weeks. Once three separate systems are in place, others will join…. that sets up phase two.

Vaccine Passport phase-2 will be triggered by the various regions having differing requirements for proof of vaccination. They will then request a universal system from the federal government. That request, accompanied by a narrative from the media, will trigger DC to construct the universal ID, and the federal registration system will follow.