• Cool Hand Dom

Match Made In Hell: Sean Hannity And Sean Penn Team Up To Gaslight America Into War

These two idiots are direct threats to human life…

When Sean Penn—a full blown CIA operative—appears on Hannity—also a CIA operative—rest assured there’s something else afoot, and you’re being played for the fool they think you are.

The thought process goes like this: now that Sean Penn—who hates the Right—has appeared on Hannity—who hates the Left—the slave Republican class will buy into war with Russia and stop listening to dangerous people like Tucker Carlson.

No one on earth should be simplistic enough to believe this type of thing, but they are. Particularly older, diehard Hannity viewers who’ve been watching him for decades. They’re just as brainwashed as someone who watches Don Lemon.

We‘re being lied to on every level about the war in Ukraine. Don’t fall for it!