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Mandatory Microchips Are Coming: Excellent Video Breakdown Of The Warning Signs And Trajectory

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Editors Note: We have been covering this angle for the past few months on the Cool Hand News Podcast. We consistently encourage our listeners to "read the writing on the wall", and think like the enemy thinks. The warning signs are blatant, they are in your face, and there is nothing we can do to stop it completely.

What we are fighting for is our slice of the pie. Our freedom "bubbles", if you want to call them that. This is a fight for preservation, NOT a fight to win outright. The fight to win outright comes later, and even then, only if we are able to preserve our freedom locally.

I would encourage you to watch this excellent interview with Dr. Robert Malone. His words of wisdom on the subject are worth your time, and they offer a potential solution to the "mass psychosis" we are witnessing. But most importantly, his emphasis on taking action locally falls directly in line with our philosophy on the matter. His exact words are "think global and act local". Very wise, indeed.

Microchips have always been part of the plan. Implantable identification to replace your drivers license, your passport, your wallet, and most frighteningly, your medical history.

Remember the Substack article written by Emerald Robinson in which she discussed a vaccine ingredient called Luciferase? A simple keyword search of Moderna's mRNA vaccine patent clearly shows the inclusion of Luciferase in the ingredients list, or at the very least, it shows the inclusion of Luciferase in the patent, which begs the following question: why? Why is Luciferase, a tracking component, included in Moderna's U.S. Patent for their mRNA vaccine?

On top of this, Moderna, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are working on implantable vaccine technology. As the linked article clearly demonstrates, they are doing so very openly.

It is safe to assume that implantable vaccine passports are the next step in the process. As mentioned above, we have covered the "trajectory" on our podcast for months now. If you are still questioning the validity of this claim, I would encourage you to do some research of your own. A good place to start is the ID2020 Alliance, and specifically, the ID2020 Alliance "partners".

These implants will not be mandatory from the get go. They will be introduced slowly. In fact, they may never have to mandate them at all. Step by step, business by business, implantable identification will become the norm, and those of use who refuse to participate will be shut out from society.

It's now more important than ever to establish a parallel economy, and for that matter, a parallel universe. A world in which we live freely, and separately, from "smart city" technocracies like Austin, TX, an ID2020 partner.

The video included below is an excellent breakdown of where things stand, as it relates to implantable vaccine passports. Please share it far and wide!