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Make Your Employer Fire You And Don’t Leave Until You Hear The Words “You’re Fired”

From Gateway Pundit

Health care workers at Kentucky’s Med Center in Bowling Green refused to comply with the vaccine mandate or turn in their resignation.

Instead, two workers showed up and refused to leave until someone told them that they are fired.

The Med Center was the target of protests last month when they became one of the largest hospitals in the country to impose a vaccine mandate on their employees. On August 18, over 100 community members and health care workers demonstrated outside the campus holding signs with slogans such as, “my body my choice” and “medical freedom.”

Leadership at the hospital had until August 9 to get vaccinated and all other employees had until September 1.

A healthcare worker named Ale Minnicks posted a video of herself two days after the mandate went into effect on TikTok and Facebook. Her and a coworker, who identified herself as Ashley Rich, were refusing the jab.

They arrived at work and were unable to clock in — but the hospital refused to say that they were being fired.