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INSANE: High School Student Threatened With Jail For Covid Post On Social Media

From The Activist Post

Time and again, those in positions of authority abuse that authority by intimidating and even arresting those with whom they politically disagree. We have seen this scenario play out like a broken record against individuals expressing their legal and peaceful views on social media only to be visited by police and even kidnapped and caged.

Amyiah Cohoon learned about this authoritarian practice last year when she was a sophomore in high school. Last year, she took a trip to Florida for spring break with the Westfield Area High School band. Their trip was cut short, however, as it took place in the middle of March 2020 — when governments began implementing lockdowns over COVID-19.

While on the trip, Cohoon felt that she contracted the virus. Testing at this time was scant and unreliable, at best, so when the results for her coronavirus test came back negative, she and her doctors both felt that she was still positive.