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In The Wake Of Grand Rapids, Blindly Backing The Blue Is NOT The Answer To BLM

Written by Dom Sweeney via the Cool Hand News Podcast,

Following the George Floyd riots of 2020, conservative Americans dutifully fell in behind law enforcement. Backing the Blue became synonymous with voting for Trump, and patriots nationwide rallied around the Thin Blue Line flag. Simply put, conservative Americans "went to the mat" for the cops, oftentimes putting their social status and financial security in jeopardy in the process.

In return, those same cops rewarded us by arresting churchgoers for assembling to worship God in defiance of illegal government mandates. They reciprocated our love and compassion by forcibly removing us from restaurants for the crime of "eating without papers." They expressed their gratitude by kicking in the doors of J-6 protesters who's crimes, at the very most, were those of trespassing and interrupting Congress... the list goes on.

Our law enforcement heroes betrayed us when we needed them most, and they did so in humiliating fashion.

So what now? Do we blindly support cops in the wake of the Grand Rapids shooting that took place this week? Do we counterprotest at the next BLM/Antifa riot with Thin Blue Line Punisher Skull flags in hand? OR do we think long and hard about what law enforcement did to us under the guise of "just doing their jobs?"

We discuss this and more on today's edition of the Cool Hand News Podcast.

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