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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Your Dollars Going To 12-25 Year Old Vaxx Lottery In Ohio

From The Activist Post

Ohio is one of several states that funded COVID-19 “Vaccine Lotteries” to encourage residents to “roll up their sleeves” (see 1, 2). Ohio lawmakers who did NOT support the lottery introduced a bill to cancel itas well as legislation to protect residents who don’t want to take any vaccines. Nevertheless, Ohio governor Mike Dewine recently announced a new vaccine lottery for residents ages 12-25.

Sep. 23—COLUMBUS — “We gotta throw the football. We gotta try to make something happen,” Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday as he announced another round of lottery incentives to drive up vaccination rates, this time among younger Ohioans.

Over five consecutive days, Oct. 11-15, Ohio will hold lotteries for those between the ages of 12 and 25, dangling big prizes of $100,000 college scholarships as well as 15 smaller prizes of $10,000 scholarships.