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Ghosts In The Machine: US Army PSYOP Division Releases Disturbing Movie Trailer, Must Watch

Wolves hiding nearby, whispering "do or die"...

The US Army 4th PSYOP Group has released a disturbing movie titled "Ghosts In The Machine." The three and a half minute video views like a Hollywood blockbuster trailer––something akin to Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, or The Dark Knight with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger––and leaves the viewer feeling gross/sad/disturbed/repulsed... and the list goes on (your tax dollars paid for it, of course).

We hesitantly covered this on the Cool Hand News Podcast a couple of weeks ago, and I say hesitantly because I was unable to verify its authenticity at the time. Fast-forward to today and Julian Conradson over at the Gateway Pundit has apparently done just that.

From his piece:

In true deep state form, the video begins by flashing the question “Who’s pulling the strings?” almost as a taunt toward the conspiracy claims. Unless you knew beforehand that this was a production of the US Army, it would almost be impossible to tell what the video is for, until it makes a grand reveal at the end.

Either way, it watches like a horror trailer and reads like they are sending a message. So, basically, exactly as intended.

In one part of the video, the words “everything we touch is a weapon” flash on the screen before promising the watcher “We are everywhere.”

I would HIGHLY recommend reading Julian's full article. He devotes a significant number of words to detailing just how off-putting this video is, particularly in light of how insane things have become.

I would also recommend watching for yourself, included below:

Putting aside for a moment how repulsive this video is, let's explore––quickly––its purpose.

The US Army, along with every other institution in our country, is pivoting Left. Instead of appealing to the red-blooded sons of Southern and Mid-West farmers/ranchers/plumbers/etc., the Army is ingratiating itself to the Jacobin revolutionary who has no real interest in getting his/her/its hands dirty, no real interest in dying for the United States Government (can't say I blame 'em), and ZERO interest in participating in what they see as a white male dominated, racist, sexist, homophobic institution like the US Army.

In plainer terms, the Jacobin revolutionary won't be swayed by the traditional "oorah" recruiting video featuring the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team, which means it's back to the drawing board for the psychopaths who run our military.

Enter PSYWAR––the star of this dystopian garbage they've dubbed "Ghosts In The Machine"––and an opportunity for Leftist ghouls to do what they do best: subvert, lie, cheat, steal, deceive, disrupt, and so on.

The US Army is marketing its wares to the Jacobin revolutionaries that have infiltrated our country. By releasing a video showcasing what the revolutionaries do already––for free––the Army is hoping it can tap into a milieu that has historically rejected it.

Will it work? Probably. Probably so. Especially if said revolutionaries are reassured by their recruiter that all they'll have to do is play on a laptop in a basement––thereby removing the risk––and providing them with a paid opportunity to do what they already do GLEEFULLY of their own volition.

The lesson we should take away from this is very simple: STOP ENLISTING IN THE MILITARY.

They hate you, I promise.

We need you here at home protecting your community from the absolute clowns that thought making "Ghosts In The Machine" was a good idea.

Hold the line!