• Cool Hand Dom

Freedom Tool: 150+ Studies On Masks And Their Ineffectiveness

From The Brownstone Institute

Editor’s Note: While many of us are now living 'mask free' in a red state, the same cannot be said for the majority of our nation‘s children.

Forcing a defenseless child to wear a dirty piece of cloth around their face for 8 hours a day is a violent crime, period.

The violent crimes being committed against children in this country are unforgivable, and we will all pay a price for them.

On a positive note, this list of studies is a goldmine.

If you’re fighting the good fight at a local school board, the information contained within these studies could be a game changer, and I would highly recommend sharing this article with your friends and family who have children.

Finally, I know we’re all tired of Covid and the madness associated with it. However, while there still remains a child being abused in this country by a selfish and mentally ill adult, our work is not done.