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FDA Panel With Pfizer Ties Approves EUA Vax For Children 5 to 11

From Corey’s Digs

This week, the FDA advisory panel voted to authorize Pfizer’s BioNTech Emergency Use Authorized Covid-19 jab for children ages 5-11. Aside from the fact that children have very mild symptoms from Covid, are at extremely low risk of death, and are already subjected to enough jabs, the Pfizer-connected panel nearly all argued that this would be safe and effective for children. It’s hard to imagine that the lives of millions of children were just decided upon by 18 individuals with ties to Pfizer itself, unless of course, parents and legislatures stand up against this. It’s also important to note that the approval is on an emergency use authorization jab because Pfizer’s Comirnaty that received full approval from the FDA in August in a bait-and-switch, remains unavailable to the U.S. and according to the Pfizer, it could be months before it arrives.