• Cool Hand Dom

Fauci Says 'Everything Is On The Table' - My Updated Take On Omicron And What Comes Next

By Dom Sweeney

In what can only be described as perfect timing, the Omicron variant has thrown us another curveball in the fight against tyranny and fascism. But, like warriors do, we will continue fighting the good fight, and inching our way towards regaining our freedom.

In the meantime, however, expect things to get nuttier.

As an example, New York Governor "Not Andrew Cuomo" has announced a state of emergency effective December 3rd, and it's only a matter of time before Gavin Newsom and the guy in New Jersey follow suit. I think it's safe to assume that certain parts of the country will be regressing in the freedom department over the next few weeks. Expect mask mandates, social distancing, curfews, and possibly lockdowns.

The Conservative Treehouse has the best take thus far on why this variant is being rolled out. They speculate that inflation, and the political necessity of reigning it in, is the main driver behind the Omicron rollout. By stifling demand with another round of lockdowns, inflation goes away and Brandon regains some steam.

Look at it this way; Brandon's approval rating is somewhere between 33% and 38%, and that's the official data. As we know, official polling numbers are as fake as the news, which means Brandon is probably polling around 28% internally.

Needless to say, these guys have a major problem on their hands. At the current rate, the midterms will be a massacre, and the Build Back Better folks know they're dead in the water with a Republican majority. Sure, Republicans are in on it, but it's harder to pass destructive legislation when Republicans hold the House and Senate. Generally speaking, nothing happens when Republicans have the majority, and that's not going to work for the Rothschild's and their foot soldiers over at the World Economic Forum. They need this inflation problem dealt with quickly, otherwise the slaves will revolt.

Enter Omicron. A super-mutated doomsday variant, with all the bells and whistles required to turn your average Democrat into a shell of their former selves. And when I say former selves, I mean the latest edition. The double mask, face shield and goggles, mix and match vaccines with a booster on top edition. Omicron is setting the stage for an escalation in psychosis that we haven't seen yet, and this could lead to Democrats locking themselves inside again, thereby driving down inflation by reducing demand.

Another good take on Omicron comes courtesy of Off- Guardian. They surmise that we're dealing with an attempt to cause chaos in an otherwise COVID free Africa. The experts, according to multiple outlets, have been baffled by the low case count in one of the most disease ridden continents on earth. They just can't figure it out somehow!

Of course, the logical mind would point to the fact that most Africans have resisted the COVID terrorism plaguing the United States and Europe. To thicken the plot, two anti-mandate African presidents died suddenly in the last year, which, at the very least, is cause for speculation. Especially considering that immediately upon their deaths, their successors reversed their anti-mandate COVID policies.

Another angle explored in Off-Guardian is the possibility that this has to do with the COVID pills being manufactured. After all, in order to receive emergency authorization for an experimental drug, there can't be a remedy already in circulation. If the mRNA shots fail to stop the latest variant, it opens the window for another drug receiving an EUA, and the Big Pharma bonanza rolls on.

While these are all good takes, we have to remain focused on the bigger picture. For instance, the World Medical Association Chair is demanding lockdowns and forced vaccination to ward off a potential Ebola level variant of COVID-19. That's right, Ebola COVID. And like we've discussed at length at Cool Hand News, this sentiment fits the Great Reset narrative and trajectory like a glove. Without fear, Build Back Better is DOA, and the Cabal knows it. How do we get to implantable ID's if the Delta variant is no longer scaring people? Omicron and the continuous rollout of variants is how.

Here's what I see happening over the next few weeks.

Regardless of how mild the symptoms are in relation to the Omicron variant, health officials and the media will focus on how infectious it is. Bet on that. And as we've seen over the past two years, it's really all they need to focus on. The progressives among us have become so addled that the word "infectious" might as well mean excruciating death.

Along with this, blue state governors could be blackmailed into reintroducing "mitigation measures". Keep in mind that Big Pharma assuredly has multiple Jefferey Epstein types on the payroll, and it's reasonable to assume that they also operate "hit squads", as demonstrated by the many doctors who've "died suddenly" over the years.

On the plus side, the window of opportunity for lockdowns in "red states" has probably closed. It would be suicidal for the Greg Abbot's of the world to reintroduce mandates at this juncture. However, the Cabal doesn't need red states to lockdown. Locking down blue states and cities will be enough to keep the train on the tracks until the next variant arrives (Ebola, Smallpox, etc.).

Expect the vaccine rhetoric to intensify, regardless of the fact that Omicron infected people have been reported to be double vaxxed. The "pandemic of the unvaccinated' talking point will continue to circulate, and booster shots will become the main focus, fully vaxxed Omicron cases be damned.

The icing on the cake, however, will be when double vaxxed Americans become "unvaccinated" again. This is assuredly on the horizon. Booster shots will be required to maintain fully vaxxed status, and unbelievably at this point, the lines at the clinic will be around the block. You can't fix stupid, as the old saying goes.

With all this in mind, keep your eyes pealed tomorrow for announcements from public officials. Governors around the country could hold press conferences, but don't expect any "bombshells" right off the bat. If restrictions are rolled back out, they'll probably start with the small stuff, which means we have some time to prepare ourselves. With that said, Fauci is doing the rounds on the Sunday shows, and signaling that "everything is on the table".

These people are Nazis, full stop.

It goes without saying that this could be a pivotal moment for the future of freedom and liberty. If we allow ourselves to be shut down again in any capacity, we can kiss the concept of winning this fight goodbye.

It's also important to remember that the end game to all this is technocratic hell on earth. No matter what comes as a result of Omicron, the plan the globalists have for the world remains the same. We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and as far as the elites are concerned the deal is already sealed. Consider Omicron to be an opportunity for us to stand our ground, and show these psychopaths that we no longer take them seriously.

As always, Omicron could be nothing more than a blip. ZeroHedge is reporting that Omicron symptoms are mild, and Goldman Sachs is encouraging traders not to panic. We should remain focused on the task at hand, and do our best to be level headed in our response to whatever comes our way.

Do not be discouraged. Do not allow yourself to feel defeated. We are the ones we've been waiting for, and it's up to us to carry the torch of freedom through the darkest hour in our nation's history.