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Exclusive: The Pedophile Problem Goes Much Deeper Than A Couple Of CNN Producers

By Dom Sweeney

The CNN pedo problem is front page news on conservative media sites nationwide. But, per usual, no one seems to want to dig any further.

Let's put things in perspective.

Two CNN producers are exposed as alleged pedophiles in the span of a month.

Ghislaine Maxwell was just on trial for child sex trafficking, and was found guilty on 5 of the 6 counts she was charged with.

Maxwell was charged for her participation in Jefferey Epstein's child sex trafficking operation, an operation that spanned the globe and ensnared people as high ranking as Prince Andrew.

Back to CNN.

The alleged pedophile producers at CNN worked for Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper respectively.

Jake Tapper's producer Rick Saleeby was exposed by Project Varitas for soliciting nude pictures of a child and making other lewd comments via text message.

Jake Tapper once got into a DM fight on Twitter with Michael Flynn Jr. over Pizzagate, an alleged sex trafficking conspiracy involving high level Democrats like John Podesta.

For those of you unaware of Pizzagate, I will spare you the deep dive. The cliff notes are sufficient enough to demonstrate just how dark this story is.

Pizzagate blew up the internet after Wikileaks dropped the Podesta Emails.

The Podesta Emails show John Podesta and his associates communicating in code, and using words like "pizza" in places that don't make sense. Here's a link to the Wikileaks archive.

A recurring theme in the Podesta Emails is the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop located in DC.

Comet Ping Pong is owned by James Alefantis, a central figure in the Pizzagate conspiracy.

James Alefantis, a pizza shop owner, was named one of the 50 most powerful people in DC by GQ Magazine.

Alefantis posted bizarre content on his Instagram account...

Alefantis is purportedly shown in a family portrait of the Rothschild's, which would explain why he's one of the 50 most powerful people in DC as a pizza shop owner.

Could this picture be fake news? Absolutely. Could it be someone else who looks exactly like James Alefantis? Of course. Anything is possible. However, the fact that Alefantis is connected with just about every DC swamp creature on the planet leads one to believe that something else is afoot with this guy. This pizza shop owner...

And, on a side note, Alefantis used to date David Brock.

Brock, who founded Media Matters, was described by Time Magazine as one of the most influential members of the Democrat Party... just saying...

Back to the cliff notes:

In 2015, when asked what her favorite restaurants in DC were, Jennifer Tapper, the wife of Jake Tapper (who employed an alleged pedophile producer), said Comet Ping Pong and Buck's Fishing and Camping.

Both restaurants are owned by James Alefantis..

We've come full circle, my friends.

I would recommend browsing the work of Mouthy Buddha for more information on this matter. I've included one of his must watch videos below.

While some of the more salacious theories on Pizzagate are definitely fake news, the underpinnings are very real indeed. There is absolutely a child sex trafficking operation in this country, and Jefferey Epstein wasn't the only person running it. Anyone who tells you child sex trafficking died with Epstein is either lying to you, or has a stake in the game.

Pizzagate is a fascinating rabbit hole to dive into. This article barely scratches the surface, and leaves out the Seth Rich connection, the presidential election of 2016, and much more.

I would highly recommend clicking the links included throughout this article, particularly this one. DC Clothesline, a blog that covers DC corruption, does an excellent job detailing the Podesta emails themselves, and the code he was using in communication with his colleagues.

We live in a dark world at times. Children across this planet are being abused as we speak, and the high profile perpetrators of these crimes will rarely be held accountable in courts of law. Those who are held accountable are low lever players like the CNN producers we are hearing about today. People who are expendable.

What amazes me is how buffoonish our response generally is. For some unfathomable reason, many of us (in the media) view these instances as separate and unique. Completely unrelated to each other.

If we are to believe that, we have to believe this:

Jake Tapper's producer is an alleged pedophile.

Jake Tapper's wife likes Comet Ping Pong.

Comet Ping Pong is at the center of Pizzagate.

Pizzagate is based on John Podesta's emails.

John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.

Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's private jet over 100 times.

Epstein was a child sex trafficker.

But none of the above is related in any way whatsoever.

Wake up. We're talking about children here.