• Cool Hand Dom

Dom Sweeney: The United States Of America Is At War, Full Stop

By Dom Sweeney

I do not say this lightly, and until recently I might have considered such a statement to be hyperbolic. However, the events that have taken place over the past two years, culminating in the declaration made by King Biden last week, can only be described as total war on the citizens of this country.

Contrary to how things appear, this isn't a war between the people of the United States and the government. It's a war between the people of the United States, and every globalist government and corporation in the world. We the People, with our limited resources, are at war with entities who are capable of waging total war against us ad infinitum. At least that's what it looks like on the surface. But before you throw in the towel and take the jab for sanity's sake, hear me out on a few things. Far from the insurmountable scenario described above, this war is actually quite winnable. The outcome will be determined entirely by how hard we're willing to fight, and as the great Dennis Prager said in a recent article, "unless we fight as hard as we fought during the Civil War, we'll lose". We the People hold every ounce of power in this country. The government and the corporations that control it hold none. What they hold is leverage, and there's a big difference between leverage and power. Difficult though it may be to wrap your head around, it's through our power that these entities have gained their leverage. The power of our choices, our freewill, and our consent. The power of our financial resources and our industrial spirit, all things that our government and its corporate partners rely on to maintain their leverage. Winning this war is actually very simple. We must take away their leverage. We've all witnessed, in one form or another, the battle that's been raging at school board meetings over critical race theory and mask mandates. Similar battles are fought in county commissioners meetings, city council meetings, and state legislative sessions. While I commend these brave individuals for their courage, I lament the fact that we're fighting these battles on the enemy's terms. It's a perfect example of the leverage these entities have over us. Rarely are these battles won. I didn't say never, and I'm fully aware of the progress that's been made in certain areas of the country. However, in order to win the critical race theory and mask mandate war, we have to pull our children out of school. That's how we take away their leverage. Nine times out of ten, giving speeches at your school board meeting will do little more than make the school board members angry. It rarely leads to change, and it may even have a negative impact on your child. These school board members are people, and people can be very vindictive. We're also dealing with deranged lunatics. Only a lunatic would force a six year old child to cover their mouth with dirty cloth for eight hours a day. Only a lunatic would teach a child that skin color is humanity's defining quality. Only a lunatic would inject a child with an experimental poison, concocted over the span of six months by a company that's immune from liability. These people have completely lost the plot. They worship a death cult that's hell bent on destroying everything good in the world. Making impassioned speeches at them about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not going to change their minds, and in some cases it may make the situation worse. But If every sane, rational person in this country pulled their children out of school, it would be game over. Not only that, it would be game over within a matter of months. A very small amount of time, and a minuscule sacrifice when compared to the hell we face if this continues. If you're concerned about the ramifications of your child not being in school, think of the ramifications of them being in school. What's happening in these schools is abuse, pure and simple, and anyone who's being completely honest with themselves will come to that same conclusion. Sacrificing income and time to protect our children from abuse should be a no brainer. It's no different with the vaccine and mask mandates imposed by county commissioners, city councils, and governors. Attending meetings and venting our frustration rarely works, and similarly to the school board, it can even be counterproductive. We need to stop complying. It's the only way this ends. Every time we put on a mask to avoid confrontation, we give them more leverage. Every time we relent and take the vaccine to keep our job, we give them more leverage. Every time we play by their rules, even if it's just once in a while, we give them the leverage they need to crush our freedom. Stop complying. If every single one of us woke up tomorrow and refused to comply, this war would be over. Remember that the next time you put on a mask to buy a cup of coffee, or the next time you see a child wearing a mask to attend school. I know this all sounds harsh, and please feel free to vent any frustration I've caused by sending me an email. But the reality of our situation is very, very serious. If we don't make immediate changes, we're going to lose this war. I don't want to lose. I want to tell my grandchildren about the great battle between good and evil, and how We the People stood our ground and won. We need to shake ourselves from any illusion we may be holding onto that this war can be won without immense and personal sacrifice. Fortunately for us, our enemies are paper tigers, and they rely on our goodwill for the leverage they employ against us. We have the power to take that leverage away. We can do it today, we can do it tomorrow, we can probably even do it next week. But the longer we wait, the more entrenched their leverage becomes, and the harder it will be for us to recognize that We the People are the most powerful entity in this country. Let's not wait too long.