• Cool Hand Dom

DO NOT ATTEND The Vaccine Mandate Protest In D.C.

Never make the same mistake twice.

On January 23rd, a massive anti-mandate protest is set to take place in Washington. The event is being coordinated by Children's Health Defense, The Unity Project, and the Global Covid Summit, and its promoters include Dr. Robert Malone and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"Defeat the Mandates" is being billed as a peaceful march on Washington (we’ve heard that before somewhere). Their website advertises musicians, pro-athletes, journalists, and premiere thought leaders as being scheduled to attend, along with very little else...

Meanwhile, the Pravda media is in full J-6 meltdown mode. The level of propaganda pouring from TV screens is something we've never seen before. Even at the height of Russiagate, nothing compared to the absolute torrent of lies spewing from the mouths of talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, and so on.

Needless to say, the J-6 march on the Washington was the worst decision the Right has ever made. It will be used against us ad infinitum, bet on that. What's more ––– and I hate to be the one to tell you this ––– the troubling fact that Trump encouraged the march in the first place was either unbelievably misguided, or deliberate; the latter of which could have been for any number of reasons (not necessarily bad).

Regardless of intent, the fallout from Trump's encouragement has resulted in the total demonization of his supporters, and we can never make a mistake this disastrous again.

An anti-mandate protest in Washington D.C. is beyond foolish. I can think of no better venue to stage a false flag event, and, if the opportunity presents itself, a false flag event we shall have.

The enemies of freedom and liberty are dying for this. The number of birds they'll kill with a stone this size is worth any possible ramifications for pulling such a stunt. They won‘t care how many people die, they won‘t care how many lives are ruined, and they won't care how obvious it is that the event is staged.

It'll be 100% worth the trouble.

Furthermore, An anti-mandate protest will be painted as an anti-vaxx protest by the media. There's obviously a difference. Its participants will be labeled right-wing extremists, domestic terrorists, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-black, white nationalist... the list goes on. And should things go south, it'll be game over for La Résistance. We will be crushed.

Remember the Proud Boys? We haven't heard much from them lately. And before you misunderstand my sentiment, I love the Proud Boys. But I also know what fighting a losing battle looks like.


Not only will it not make a difference, the potential downsides outweigh any positive outcomes that could be achieved.

We are winning this fight! For the first time in two years, the Nazi narrative is completely crumbling. Why put this in jeopardy? Why expose ourselves to a frontal attack when we're winning the guerrilla war?

What's more concerning is that Robert Malone and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. must know this as well, yet they're promoting an event that's putting us in the direct line of fire, with very little upside.

We have to do better. We have to be smarter. We have to think with our brains!

DO NOT go to the anti-mandate protest in D.C. on January 23rd. Instead, protest in your hometown. Protest at your school board. Protest at the local business that's forcing you to wear a mask. Protest anywhere in the country that's not Washington D.C.

I assure you, you'll be making more of a difference and taking on a fraction of the risk.

Protesting in D.C isn't courageous. It's foolish.

Please don't go. It's not worth it.