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CHN Podcast: WHO’s Tedros 'Boosters Killing Children', Trump’s Vaccine Comments, Brandon Speech

From The Cool Hand News Podcast

On today’s update we discuss the comments made by the WHO Director-General regarding "some countries giving boosters to kill children".

Was it a slip of the tongue? Or was it something else? Time will tell.

We then address the Omicron speech delivered by fake president Brandon yesterday. Per usual, Brandon accused conservatives of "killing their customers", and shamed the unvaccinated for their personal medical decisions.

However, the White House refrained from implementing any new restrictions, and instead focused on ensuring FEMA has plenty of Kleenex in stock.

The narrative is crumbling…

Finally, President Trump has been in the news for bragging about "his vaccines".

Seemingly unaware of the devastation they‘ve caused, Trump encouraged his supporters to "not play into the Left’s hands" by denouncing the vaccines, and instead focus on the millions of lives they’ve saved.

Something doesn’t smell right…

Will this divide the base should Trump run in 2024?

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