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CHN Podcast: Texas Hostage Crisis - SCOTUS Ruling Update - Army To Fight VDEs In North Carolina

From the Cool Hand News Podcast,

Photo: Time Magazine

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The list of terrorist attacks the FBI had foreknowledge of is one of the longest lists in existence. Today we learn things are no different when it comes to the Texas synagogue hostage taker, a man named Malik Faisal Akram. It turns out, the FBI was well aware of Akram, and yet, Akram somehow managed to travel to the US, obtain a firearm, and find a synagogue in Texas to attack.

In other news, the SCOTUS mandate ruling was a blow to freedom and liberty. While the OSHA smackdown was certainly a short term win, the CMS mandate set precedent for unbridled tyranny. Essentially, by allowing CMS to demand vaccination as a stipulation for receiving funds, the court opened the possibility for every federal agency involved in funding things (education, farming, state and local governments, etc.) to demand the same.

Finally, the US Army is conducting a training exercise in North Carolina. Instead of fighting enemies resembling the Chinese or Russian military, the trainees will be fighting fictional "freedom fighters".

When your own military openly war games a conflict with you, it means your country is no longer free.

We live in a fascist state, my friends. Buckle up, hold the line, and never give an inch to these tyrants.