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Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines, Biden Warns "Everybody Should Be Concerned"

This appears to be happening, friends.

First things first, stop what you're doing and read this Substack post from Dr. Robert Malone. It will put any fear to bed that might be creeping in––even though you know better.

Secondly, we know—based on Michael Senger's excellent piece––that Monkeypox was "predicted" to infect the globe in May 2022. That's right. The usual suspects (global terrorists) war-gamed a Monkeypox outbreak last year in Munich. They determined that a Monkeypox pandemic was likely to sweep the globe in mid-May 2022, and here we are!

So, with these tools in your toolbox, prepare to stand your ground.


No lockdowns, no mandates, no nothing. We don't cede an inch. We act like the seasoned veterans of the War On Humanity (WOH) that we are, and tell the global terrorists to pound sand.

From ZeroHedge,

Belgium has become the first country to introduce a mandatory 21-day monkeypox quarantine for those who contact the virus, after three cases were recorded in the country.

The infections were all linked to a festival in the port city of Antwerp, according to the Daily Mail, as Belgium is now one of 14 countries to confirm outbreaks of the viral disease (in addition to suspected, but not confirmed cases in Austria and Greece).

Source: BNO

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said that the recent spread of monkeypox is "something that everybody should be concerned about."

"It is a concern in that if it were to spread it would be consequential," he said, speaking from Osan Air Base in South Korea where he was meeting with troops before the Japan leg of his Asia trip.

Biden is reportedly receiving regular updates, according to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who told the traveling press pool that the United States has vaccines "available to be deployed."

UK health officials, meanwhile, have warned that the UK faces a 'significant' rise in infections, and the government's response is 'critical' in containing the spread.

Dr Susan Hopkins, a chief medical adviser to the UK Health Security Agency, today also warned that monkeypox is spreading through community transmission in the UK with more cases being detected daily.

Sajid Javid yesterday revealed another 11 Britons had tested positive for the virus, taking the total to 20.

The cases include a British child currently in a critical condition at a London hospital, while a further 100 infections have been recorded in Europe. -Daily Mail

"There is going to be more diagnoses over the next week," said Dr. Claire Dewsnap, president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV. "How many is hard to say. What worries me the most is there are infections across Europe, so this has already spread."

"How many is hard to say. What worries me the most is there are infections across Europe, so this has already spread," she added. "Getting on top of all those people's contacts is a massive job."

Dewsnap added that "It could be really significant numbers over the next two or three weeks."

Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that originates in the tropical areas of west and central Africa. It is transmitted by very close contact with an infected person, including sexual intercourse. Symptoms are usually mild - with most patients recovering within a few weeks with no treatment.

Around 1% of those who contract the current strain will die (emphasis ours).

"We are detecting more cases on a daily basis and I'd like to thank all of those people who are coming forward for testing to sexual health clinics, to the GPs and emergency department," said Dr Hopkins.

And asked if there is community transmission in the UK, she said: 'Absolutely, we are finding cases that have no identified contact with an individual from west Africa, which is what we've seen previously in this country.

'The community transmission is largely centred in urban areas and we are predominantly seeing it in individuals who self-identify as gay or bisexual, or other men who have sex with men."

Asked why it is being found in that demographic, she said: 'That's because of the frequent close contacts they may have. -Daily Mail

Symptoms include; fever, headache, muscle and back aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion, and of course, lesions. Nobody has died of the viral disease to date in the latest outbreak.

Read original article here

So, there you go, friends. We might have another fight on our hands. It's still a bit too early in the game to know for sure but, like I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, the time to prepare would be now.

NEVER FORGET. These people (global terrorists) have no plans on throwing in the towel. This is the "New Normal" we've heard so much about. It's the WOH (pronounced whoa). It's now on us to determine our future, and create an alternate reality that belongs to the sane people of the world.

It was never going to be easy, it was never going to be fair, and there was never any "going back to the way things were" on the table. They've spent too much, risked too much, and invested too much time/energy to concede defeat.

The fight continues, friends.

Our future will be what we make it, and we alone have the power to make it good.