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Australia Bans Ivermectin: We Need To Pay Close Attention To What’s Happening Down Under

From The Conservative Treehouse

If you suspect the extremely heavy-handed Australia/New Zealand COVID-19 mitigation efforts might be a beta-test for just how far a government can go to control the citizens therein, well, this latest development appears to be an affirmation in that direction.

Photo: Reuters

The ruling authority in Australia has just banned doctors from prescribing Ivermectin. The Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling and the Australian National COVID Clinical Evidence Taskforce, have determined that any effort to mitigate COVID-19 with therapeutics will likely diminish the goal of vaccinating the entire population. Therefore Ivermectin, which has saved thousands of lives and is widely in use in multiple countries including India, is now official banned from use by Australian doctors. Quite remarkable…. READ MORE