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Abuse: Children Must Wear Mask When Chewing/Swallowing During Lunch At Washington State School

From News Target

A strange Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol has welcomed the children returning to Geiger Montessori School in Tacoma, Washington. The elementary school has introduced a policy requiring children to wear face masks when chewing, swallowing or talking at lunchtime.

In an email to parents, Geiger Montessori Principal Neil O’Brien has advised that children would be spaced out in a ventilated cafeteria, and could remove their face masks “only to take a bite or drink.”

O’Brien’s email reads: “Yes. Children should wear masks during lunch. They can lower it to take a bite or a drink, and raise it to chew, swallow, or talk. Our cafeteria has a fantastic airflow system and children are spaced apart AND when over a hundred of them are in one large room (the cafeteria and gym combined) we need to treat lunchtime as a dangerous time for all. Children need to continue to wear their masks during lunch.”