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4 Year Old Gets Hypothermia After School Locks Him Outside For Covid Symptoms

From LifeSite News

Editors Note: The atrocities being committed by adults against children will not be forgotten. History will remember this era with disgust, no differently than we remember Nazi Germany today. Somewhere in the world, right this very moment, a defenseless child is being abused by a grownup who’s suffering from a severe case of mental illness (two masks, four vaccines, etc.).

CUMBRIA, UK (LifeSiteNews) – A four-year-old British boy developed hypothermia after his school isolated him outside in a “shed” due to a mild cold suspected of being COVID.

Chloé Wilby told News & Star last week that Wigton Infant School put her son, Mason, in an “outdoor shed” after seeing that he had a runny nose and slight cough. She said the school called her to pick up the boy as soon as possible, without informing her that he was being held outside in 40-degree weather with no heating.